Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Michelle Rodriguez, yeah, she's that hardcore

Badass actress Michelle Rodriguez opted for a five-day jail sentence over 240-hours of community service yesterday after pleading guilty to driving while intoxicated in Hawaii last year. The "Lost" star blamed her erratic behavior at the time (screaming and yelling at officers; being carried into the Kailua police station after refusing to stand up) on steroid injections she had been taking twice a month to treat allergies to "dust and cockroach resin."
"I wasn't right in my head," she said in court. "None of that verbal behavior was directed towards them. It was directed towards myself."

Hmmm. Michelle Rodriguez, too fast and too furious? Not that little angel.

Though, the cynical side of me was thinking, since we all known Michelle's rumored Sapphic entanglement (yeah, a "roommate," uh-huh) perhaps she thought five days in an all-woman's jail wouldn't be that bad. Sure beats picking up trash in an orange vest.

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