Monday, November 20, 2023

Music Monday: Billie Edition

Billie Eilish came out as “attracted to (women) for real” in a Variety interview last week. It was another one of those casual, yes sincere, admissions that reminds you the Time magazine coming out cover stories days are likely behind us for good. This comes despite the article’s not-so-subtle reference to it being an admission that “a stadium-selling artist from a different era” would require “record-label ruminations about the effect it could have on her career.” And while maybe in that different era I would be cranky about a star not going the direct “Yep, I’m Gay” route, I think what today’s crop of younger just as queer stars shows the natural evolution of coming out. It’s less “Yep” and more “Of Course.” And that is awesome in its own way. Also, it gives “What Was I Made For,” her beautiful existential lullaby, even more resonance. Happy Monday, kittens.


Carmen San Diego said...

She’s halfway to an EGOT

Panty Buns said...

Watching Billie Eilish sing her song 'What Was I Made For?' so perfectly,
perhaps even more perfectly than she did for the motion picture 'Barbie' and with such deep feeling
(and how it hit home with her fans in the audience) is very moving indeed -
even more-so now that she has confirmed that she's for real attracted to women. :-)