Monday, September 04, 2017

B + D = Hell Yeah

So our first “Game of Thrones”-less Sunday until after the long, dark winter has arrived. And here we are waiting (and waiting, and waiting, and waaaaaaiting) for the final season. Which Targaryen – if any – will assume the Iron Throne. Which dragon – if any – will survive the inevitable battle with the Ice Dragon. Which people actually ship – if any – Jon and Dany becoming doting parents to their inevitable fire/ice incest baby. All that is fine and good, but what I really care about is what will come of Brienne of Tarth. And to that end I believe we should all listen to the wisdom of Gwendoline Christie. Who better than her to assess Brienne’s fate? No one, I say. So is it said, so shall it be.


Anonymous said...


Carmen SanDiego said...

Briane and Dany for the win!
But I also enjoyed the little conversation briane had with the hound about Arya. They were like two proud parents talking about their baby
Sigh, I miss that show

tlsintx said...

day fuckin made :)

Anonymous said...

Giddy grin!