Friday, June 03, 2016

My Weekend Crush

In honor of Defend a Bisexual Day*, here is a little tribute to my favorite on-screen bisexual badass of all time. Oh, Bo Dennis, how I miss you so. But I’m buoyed by the thought that you’re off somewhere scissoring** with Dr. Lauren Lewis. So why all the bisexual love today? Well, why not. But also because I will have a new column up over at Women & Hollywood about how the media should stop being terrible about Amber Heard’s bisexuality. And also how they should stop being terrible about domestic violence in general. But then, you knew that already. Happy take-no-shit-like-Bo weekend, all.

* Not a real day, but maybe it should be.
** Not a real thing, and it probably shouldn’t be.


Fridax said...

Bless all my Bi sisters! On a related note, I had the pleasure to have a quick chat with Zoie Palmer at Comic Con London a week ago. Loved it... And yeah, I miss LG as well. Happy weekend.

A said...

I read your piece over at Women & Hollywood today and while I appreciate it, it also makes me terribly sad. And so does this post. For some reason, reading that bisexuals should be 'defended' makes me feel like there's really something wrong with me.

AK ALASKA said...

Miss the Doccubus action So Much! Would'nt it be great if those two had their own spinoff with a little Alias or White Collar storyline? Beauty Brains Boobs Caper of the week.....with costumes & committed partners having great sex! What a concept. Oh well, a girl can dream.