Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tank Top Tuesday: Play Gay Edition

You know what gay ladies love? Well, lots of things, really. But besides cats, tea, recreational sporting events and other ladies in general, what gay ladies really love is are actresses who play us on TV (or movies, but come on everyone eventually watches movies on their TV so potayto/potahto – say that last bit out lout in your head). So thought I’d give a few of these fine thespian ladies the old tank top salute and thank them for their faithful, super gay service. A very small sampling of the ladies who will happily play gay for fun and profit. Also, who doesn’t like looking at pictures of Piper Perabo? She has a Twitter now, by the way – and has already tweeted Lena. Sigh. Now off to watch that movie on my TV again.

Rutina Wesley

Did you watch the “True Blood” season premiere? No spoilers, but holy shit.

Famke Janssen

Remember when she made out with Kelly Preston in “Eulogy?” Of course you do.

Megan Follows

Remember when she was a gay lady making Kerry Weaver feel uncomfortable on “ER?” Maybe not, but thank heavens there’s video.

Berta Hernández

I didn’t keep up with “Tierra de lobos” like I should have. Is everyone still a lesbian, and alive?

Shay Mitchell

I’m pretty sure burning that plaid shirt in the Season 3 premiere of “Pretty Little Liars,” was a major felony in lesbian court. But having met Shay, I can safely say we should forgive her anything ever on the planet.

Charlize Theron

Saw “Prometheus” over the weekend. Eh. Guess now I am holding out my high heroine hope for “Brave.”

Naomi Watts

“Mulholland Drive” remains one of the hottest/most confusing movies ever.

Allison McAtee

“Bloomington” wasn’t really a great movie. But it did give legions of budding lesbians hope that their college would be filled with lascivious professors like Catherine.

Evan Rachel Wood

In order of my favorite gay roles for EVR ERW I’d have to go “Once & Again,” “True Blood” and then “Thirteen.” But, really, they’re all pretty close. Also, dammit, I still miss Queen Sophie-Anne.


Anonymous said...

It seems that Berta Hernandez might be gay irl.

I have loved Naomi Watts ever since Tank Girl.

Anonymous said...

My favourite ERW role was Veda in Mildred Pierce. She was so great for that! Which is also very disturbing, but alright.

Carmen SanDiego said...

Evan Rachel Wood gets extra points for being bissexual
Also her butch haircut was super hot
And I miss Sophie-Anne too

Summer said...

Watch Mullholland Drive after smoking some herb. It will all make sense: it's a comedy!

Jody said...

You tease us, Ms. Snarker. You mention Lena but don't give us a picture!

Kim said...

Yeah! How could you not post a picture of Lena 'Luce' Headey? Total tank top babe! (Of any edition!)

Anonymous said...

Evan Vachel Rood? ;)

Erin O'Riordan said...

Rutina Wesley is a goddess. That is all.

Anonymous said...

Great post but u shouldn't have left out Carla Von Lahnstein (Claudia Hiersche) from Verbotene Liebe...her storyline was one of the best lesbian romance I've ever seen on my telly...plus she's gorgeous *O* .

orc said...

Would you tell me what is 'EVR'?

Anonymous said...

The unfortunate thing about Piper Perabo is that she is really stupid in real life and once she is not acting the whole illusion is shattered. No Lena Heady? Bizarre that she is not here or Anna Torv even more bizarre.

Anonymous said...

I don't watch True Blood but Rutina has amazing legs!!!

Anonymous said...

only Watts and Jennifer Beals for history...
seriously perabo and not Beals?

Gherrilheira said...

About Tierra de Lobos, you dindn't miss anything: Season 2 finished last december, Season 3 will start this year. When? Who knows. Welcome to Spain :P