Monday, May 28, 2012

We will do it

Us ladies, we’ve had a rough go of it in the political arena of late. Men folk keep thinking they know what’s best for us. They want to tell us what we can and cannot do with our lady business. How we’re allowed to use it. (Not to decide for ourselves to when we can best start a family, that’s for sure!) How we aren’t not allowed to use it. (Not for recreational fun, that’s for sure!) And how our doctors should treat us. (Not based on their sound medical judgment alone, that’s for sure!) Those who dare to say otherwise are sluts or strumpets of so much worse. Of course, these same folks keep saying this War on Women is imaginary. We’re just being tricked by our little lady brains into thinking the Republicans want to tell us what to do with our little lady bits and pieces. But we, we know better. We know when we’re being bullied. We know when we’re being disrespected. We know when our rights are being trampled. For a party that prides itself on disavowing government intervention, they sure have a strange way of getting the government into the most personal nooks and crannies of us ladyfolk. So, for all those who think they can slip this year of lady hating by us, be warned. We are strong. We are angry. And we are paying attention. We can stop this War on Women with our votes. As Rosie told us all so many years ago, “We can do it!” As these modern-day Rosies would surely tell you now, you can stick your big government where the sun don’t shine on yourselves instead.

Alexis Bledel
You know Rory got all Occupy Yale this year.

Alison Brie
She won’t have Brita-ed women’s rights.

Christina Aguilera
I would like all the past Christina personas (Genie Xtina, Dirrty Xtina, Voice Xtina) to sing a rousing rendition of “Fighter” to congress.

Princess Leia
Alternately, I’d love for Leia to tell John Boehner he’s a little orange for a stormtrooper.

Kelly Rowland
Queen B isn’t the only one who can do it.

But, of course, you never count out the queen.

Melanie Laurent
We can do it ingloriously.

Party to reclaim our rights, already started.

Amy Adams
Practicing BYOT – Bring Your Own Tools.

Amy Poehler
If that wasn’t one of the most perfect, Knope affirming, woman affirming, life affirming season finales, I’ll buy you a Sweetums bar. Today the city council, tomorrow the presidency. America, you beautiful tropical fish.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe Alexis Bledel is 30,she is still a cutie.

Melanie Laurent is my future wife :)

Carmen SanDiego said...

I wish I could vote for Leslie Knope

TheWeyrd1 said...

Might I add that concurrently there is also a War on Education! I think there is a HUGE correlation between these two "planks" of the right wing nuts. There is a lot of money behind these so called movements...or as I like to call them "bowel movements." Ignorance begets more ignorance which begets a serious loss of freedom! I do not think the middle of the road average American is really aware of this because the right wing nuts have them focused on the almighty tax dollar and how many they could be losing. Of course, if they REALLY understood money they'd realize that the lack of a good free education leads to LESS income and LESS freedom. And it appears that the right wing nuts see women's rights as the biggest roadblock to the dumbing down of the American society...hmmmm. Come to think of it, education is one the largest employer of women. After all, if you keep women uneducated and pregnant you'll end up with a huge source of cheap dumb labor...and much larger profits. But seriously you stupid right wing nuts, who really wants to live in a country with no creativity, no arts, no intellectual advances, and no real freedom? I mean, do you really want the USA to become a rather large third world country?

Norma Desmond said...

Anyone who thinks the War on Women is imaginary needs to check into the political doings of one Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin. Know what he did this year? Revoked Equal Pay for Equal Work in WI. Sure, women are being paid less than men all over the country, but in WI, in WISCONSIN, it is now LEGAL to do so. An employer can pay you less just because he/she feels like it simply because you have a vagina! Just let that sink in for a bit. Things are scary all over, but they are moving backward in WI. Attention must be paid.

On the Parks & Rec front, that finale made me cry great big, wet, loving tears of pure feministy joy. God love Leslie Knope. Knope we can!!

Daña said...

I posted a link to this on my Facebook page, and a local graphic artist turned it into this:

Go, Badgers! Recall Walker!

Sara said...

You missed one of my faves: