Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It hurts to look at you

Somewhere, Angela Chase is sobbing into the sleeve of her flannel shirt. Oh Claire Danes, honey, no. When I heard that you had signed on to shill for that creepy eyelash growing prescription medication, I was appalled. Latisse? The stuff that “may cause increased brown pigmentation of the colored part of the eye, which is most likely permanent?” What’s wrong with mascara? What’s wrong with normal lashes? Anything sounds better than a drug that will make your entire eye turn brow. Are longer lashes really worth “eyelid skin darkening, which may be reversible?” You were already so beautiful it hurt to look at you. Now you want everyone to get weird bushy eyelashes. This is not what you stand for. This is not what Angela would do. STOP RUINING MY CHILDHOOD!

OK, sorry, I had a moment. Actress is not the character. Actress is not the character. Actress is not the character. But still, when an actress you identify so deeply with something meaningful in your life (and, oh my fucking God, “My So-Called Life” was meaningful, even if it only unjustly ran that one season), it hurts your soul when years later that person’s actions seem in diametric opposition to everything that you once held dear. But hey, everyone’s got to eat – right?

“Sometimes it seems like we’re all living in some kind of prison. And the crime is how much we hate ourselves. It’s good to get really dressed up once in a while. And admit the truth – that when you really look closely, people are so strange and so complicated that they’re actually... beautiful. Possibly even me.”

That’s with or without long eyelashes, Angela. With or without.


frannie said...

Oh how sad....I LOVE My So Called Life and often quoted it. Still do. Where is Angela Chase when we need her? Le sigh

Kathryn said...

Oh, what a disappointing sell-out moment for Danes, who I've liked since I watched MSCL in high school. Funny or Die did a good spoof of these outrageous products a while back.

Allison said...

Did MSCL really only run 1 season? It was so meaningful to my pre-teen brain (and apparently still is) that I was sure it was 3 or more. Sad.

Patricia said...

CD in Stardust was funny and WOW... (also for Michelle Pfeiffer). She could find better hands to feed her. It seems she is on that periferal zone most actresses face when they are reaching the 30s. But.. frankly, I didn´t pay attention to the lashes anyway...

Lyn said...

That’s with or without long eyelashes, Angela. With or without.

Hollywood corrupts absolutely Dorothy. Not even our dear teenage icon could withstand the shallowness. *shakes head*

elliB said...

I saw that commercial yesterday and I literally started yelling at Claire Danes/my tv!

Anonymous said...

I think actors life is not easy in general because
they don't live their own lives even they are not
doing act. I feel this is something wrong because
some public's ill interest actually bother their
personal growth as a good actor.

I don't know what kind of actor is good, and
how they can achieve the goal, great actor.
But when a young actor already succeed, and
seems having trouble to manage their own lives,
and the career, then..

I just hope that she be brave to go through it,
and don't make anymore bad effects on her own
life. cus she's still young, there must be chance.

when a person face this kind of issue, which is
going prison, in general and on common sense
there could be less people who say bravo.

Instead of making fun of actors when they face
some difficulty, what about encourage them
to be more brave and have self control.

I don't know but what I felt when the bad word
on a person's nail spread out, I was thinking
about the personal's attitude and mind who
took the picture and enlarged it. you know that
it's very tiny.

somewhat not related today's post though.
thank you thank you for today's post.
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Anonymous said...

There are just so many things that are harmful that women are supposed to buy/do in order to fit an artificial paradigm of feminine beauty/desirability. High heels, anyone? Risk ankle damage, toe deformation, and puts you at a disadvantage against anyone not wearing them. Throws the spine out of alignment which can lead to organ damage. But hey, it's worth it, right? Of course eye make up increases the risks of eye infections, etc. and think of what that could lead to. But it makes you PRETTY (at least when your eyes aren't actively infected) We don't have to wear corsets or get our feet bound anymore, but we still don't insist on being seen as beautiful for who we actually are. We don't mutilate our own genitals in this culture, but we inflict damage on ourselves in other ways to satisfy externally (male) derived standards.

Josephine said...

I like Claire Danes as an actress, but I didn't really have so much respect left for her as a person, anyway. She did have an affair with Billy Crudup while he was engaged to Mary-Louise Parker...who was pregnant with his child. We all make mistakes, but that's considerably worse than doing a crappy eyelash commercial.

Phoenix Stone said...

I think the real tragedy here isn't that Claire is doing commercials for eyelash lengthening crap, but that she is doing commercials at all. With talent like that, this woman should be so busy doing movies and winning awards, she wouldn't even have time to think about commercials. Whoever her agent is should be fired, because clearly he/she is not getting the job done.

noida said...

She's so beautiful, even in this stupid commercial...

perfectflaw75 said...

I recently watched Temple Grandin starring Claire Danes, and I was thinking how talented she is.
Watching the ad (it made me cringe) I can imagine she did it for the money. There's nothing wrong with that: we all need to put food on the table at the end of the day - and you might as well look good while doing it.

vrgriffith said...

She had an opportunity to make some cash. I wish she had the offers an Angelina has coming in, but I suspect she doesn't. Hollywood isn't about talent.

The Billy Crudup thing was way more fucked up; Mary-Louise Parker was 7 months pregnant when that went down.

My So Called Life vs Real Life.

Becky said...

Oh my god! That commerical is so creepy! Weird bushy eyelashes indeed!

When there are people fighting just to exist in this world, and find basic needs like food, shelter, water, it freaks me out that this ad / idea even exists. It's like Western society is eating itself.

Anonymous said...

You know what?
It's gonna be controversial but given all the racism xenophobia there is against people perceived to be fro Mexico who disporortionally ARE brown eyed then the more BROWN eyes there are the better. I am sick of Blond hair and Blue Eyes thinking they own everything in this country so if I get modest satisfaction from privileged people with blue eye getting brown eyes then good.

Anonymous said...

@urbansapphic I disagree with you. If someone has naturally blue eyes, but it turns brown because of some weird product - that's just wrong. Isn't it medically strange that your eyes change color? What if someone goes blind because of this product? (not saying they did) It is like your brown eyes turning blue, that's just awful on all ends.

Anonymous said...

Who cares, she's making money, that's what we all have to do.