Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Couch potatoes

Some days, well, you just feel like lounging. And if you feel like lounging with little or no clothes on, heck, even better. Blame Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres or blame the intoxicating combination of soft fabric against softer skin, but photographers sure seem to love the couch surfing shots. And, really, can you blame them? Being a couch potato never looked so good. [Click any to enlarge, though be forewarned – what follows is tastefully NSFW]

Dita Von TeeseDrew BarrymoreJulianne MooreKate WinsletKeri RussellMary-Louise ParkerPortia de RossiAnd the original: La Grande Odalisque

14 comments: said...

Drew has the best bod of them all. Far more "real".

Angelina and Portia... yum!

Oh and Mary-Louise Parker put some clothes on!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be funny if Ellen's was in the mirror looking at Portia?

pyewacket said...

Holy backsides Miss Dorothy!

*runs back to oggle some more*


Alaina said...

Actually, I think a lot of them are quoting Boucher. As in

One of my original "oh my go, could I be a lesbian" favorite works of art :-)

Anonymous said...

*drool* the only thing that would have made this better was some (tastefully naked) women of colour on couches...I know they're out there!

Dreamer - Neus said...

que grandes comparaciones... I que fotos más tremendaaaaas...


e said...

lucky, lucky couches!

S Rankin said...

I'd rank them all in order but I don't want to be labelled a subjective swine. Who am I kidding?!

Tied 1st. Jolie, in name and in nature.
Tied 1st. The Winslet.
-3. De Rossi.
4. Drew.
5. Moore.
6. Parker.
7. Von Teese.
8. Russell.
DQ. Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres.

The original Grand Odalisque is DQ because, well, it's a painting and I live by print.

Norma Desmond said...

Aaaaaah. Happy Hump Day indeed.

Patti said...

gotta love dita!
and that kate photo is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Original has a sweeter, fuller figure

triplestripe said...

I've had that picture of Angelina in my screen saver for weeks. ::drool:: first time i saw it i didn't even realise it was AJ for a while - there's too much exposed skin for my short attention span to pass over!

S said...

Here's one vote for the Parker. She's the only one that you feel you might actually be able to join (without a scratch in the eye.) And, if you don't, sister's going to do for herself.

Brenda said...

Drooling at work is not a pretty picture. But thanks, hott!!!!