Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Guess who's back? Back again. Marina's back

Pity poor Jenny. Just when she was extracting herself from one terrible relationship (Mad Max and the Thunderdome of Tedium) comes news today that her No. 1 tormenter/seducer Marina will return to The L Word for season four.
This after show producers swore up and down that Marina was gone. Period. Nevermore. Oh well, better late than never.
In other L Word news, future guestbian and Bette love interest Marlee Matlin told the LA Daily News that she is nervous about joining the cast (new kid in school syndrome). Perhaps most interesting in the short bit, Jimmy Smits hearts the L Word. I bet you do, Jimmy. I bet you do.

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Bainshee said...

Well, Season 4 is looking better and better. I almost wish I would have been surprised by Marina's return, but there was no escaping it. If they could have kept it secret though - What a huge surprise it would have been. I just hope it is written well. I want to see a Max vs Marina showdown!