Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Gays love a parade

L Word goddess Jennifer Beals came, saw and waved to all the hundreds of thousands of queers (plus the merely curious and possibly lost) folks gathered to celebrate San Francisco Gay Pride 2006. Though, possibly more fun than seeing Jennifer ride in an open convertible was seeing the brawny men in suits (out of picture) surrounding her car and keeping the rabid dykes away. Though, as far as I could tell, their services weren't needed...we behaved.

Another "star" sighting this pride -- former N'Syncer Lance Bass walking out of a Castro restaurant. Hmmmm. Very interesting, considering his "rumored" boyfriend Reichen Lehmkuhl was another celebrity guest in the parade. Lance, with a male companion, was spotted during the early part of the parade, wearing a green cap and trying to look incognito. No word on whether he made it down to Market Street to catch his fella waving to the crowd. Here's a hint, Lance, if you insist on keeping the closet door shut, perhaps best not to be on seen in the queerest city in America on its queerest street during its queerest weekend of the year. Just a suggestion.

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