Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A look back in wonder

So as those of you who’ve been following my exercise in personal archeology known as moving have probably figured out by now that I am a fucking pack rat. I keep all sorts of things all kinds of long past their usefulness date. Good for nostalgia, bad for sanity. But today, instead of culling the past, how about we revel in it? So let’s get into our wayback machines and enjoy these snapshots from another era. Starlets of today, take note.

Julie AndrewsCirca 1957, in “Cinderella.”

Elizabeth TaylorCirca 1956, on the set of “Giant.”

Grace Kelly & Audrey HepburnCirca 1956, backstage at the Oscars.

Greta GarboCirca 1926, posing at USC.

Marilyn MonroeCirca I have no idea, but ohmygod those glasses.

Frida KahloCirca any year, any time, any place – just stunning.


Steph R said...

Frida Kahlo has always reminded me of Kaki King, and vice versa. I heart Kaki King. :D

Today's post makes me look back in absolute envy. I've always said I belonged in an era other than my own.

Alaina said...

Yes, I LOVE women in black & white.

Greta Garbo, at least, was known to have had a female lover. Scholars are fairly sure that she had a long-time but stormy relationship with designer Valentina.

Big Shamu said...

Makes me sad, considering how much botox and plastic surgery happens these days. Glad to see naturally beautiful women.

allgood2 said...

Greta Garbo looks fabulous in that picture. Her face, the way she carries herself, just a beacon. No wonder she was a star.

tlsintx said...

just watched Frida again last night...and here's this lovely picture. ah. such a remarkable human.

Anonymous said...

Honey, where do you find these pictures. So stunning. That Kahlo picture was a revelation.

Anonymous said...

Greta Garbo was so hot! I've had some wonderfully sexy dreams about her lol

Natasha Condensada said...

For the goddess of the greek olimpo!! Here we can see the Garbo* of Greta.

Holy pic,
Thanx Dorothy, great one.

* Garbo:(Spanish)

1) jauntiness
2) (composure),(bearing)- poise.
3) uncountable (elegance — of
movement)- grace.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or did that pic of Grace Kelly make you think of Nicole Kidman?

tlsintx said...

oh and ps:

that one of Elizabeth Taylor is breathtaking, too.
i heart you, Snarker.

eme said...

makes me want to drag out my moms movie books. love old school photography.

Rizz Rustbolt said...

Greta Garbo... /swoon

Look at those guns!

TheWeyrd1 said...

I just KNEW you'd still manage a Tank Top Tuesday pic...Thanks for the Greta pic! The others were lovely too!

Miz Moffatt said...

Wow, what a stunning group of women. Hollywood was certainly a different kind of creature back in the day. Haha, it's "Tinsletown Tuesday" this week. ;)

Trihardist said...

Fight on for old SC! Pshew!

Suddenly I have an inexplicable surge of love and pride for my alma mater. Or is that a surge of something else entirely?

Norma Desmond said...

The Marilyn one looks like it might be from How to Marry a Millionaire (1953).

I study film history like it's my job (oh, wait, it IS my job). What a pleasure to find it invading my outside life for once. :)

Cleo said...

I just love these women!!!!

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