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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Plain White T’s

Sarah Shahi

Well, what do you know? Another article of clothing has hijacked Tuesday. Of course, my undying admiration and adoration for tank tops goes on unabated. But every now and then, a gal just needs to mix it up a little. So today, let’s indulge instead in the uncomplicated splendor of the oversized dress white shirt. Some might call it a boyfriend shirt, I prefer to think of it as an ex-boyfriend shirt – very ex. So simple, so crisp, so delicious. Also, I love anything that unbuttons in the front.

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Monday, August 06, 2007

Naked Lady Monday

What better way to ease into your work week than a bunch of beautiful women getting their kits off? And, that they took it all off for a good cause, well that’s just icing on the naked lady cake. In the final edition of Jane magazine, Eva Mendes, Lili Taylor, Joss Stone, Serena Williams, Kate Dillion, Emily Vancamp, Kate Mara and a pregnant Milla Jovovich stripped for the charity Clothes Off Our Backs. All the naughty bits are covered so it’s a very tasteful affair. You know, like looking at classy nudes at a gallery reception, sipping wine and exclaiming loudly to anyone within earshot, “Excellent contrast and the lines are almost architectural” while the whole time you’re really just trying not to stare too long at, well, boobies. See all the lovely ladies bigger and better here. Good luck with the whole not staring thing.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

My Weekend Crush

One of the many brilliant things about Lili Taylor is that while she is an actor, she has never been a ham. Nor a showboat. Nor a fame chaser. Nor a glamour puss. In fact, she seems exactly the opposite. With her hushed voice and sly grin, Lili has always had an enigmatic elfin quality. She seems both organically shy yet unwaveringly direct. Throughout her eclectic career, the Sundance staple has blazed an independent trail that champions off-beat and even off-putting characters. That more than a couple of those characters have been gay (“Prêt-à-Porter,” “I Shot Andy Warhol,” “Gaudi Afternoon,“ and “Julie Johnson” to name a few) certainly doesn’t hurt either. Still the women she plays are, above all, complex. That demand for complexity could come from the fact that she owns some 800-1,000 books. Be still my heart.

But when I first heard that Lili had signed on to star in a Lifetime series, my heart sank. Oh, Lili, no! Not Television for Women! But the more I read about her show, “State of Mind,” the more I understood her decision. Plus at age 40, she probably saw that the interesting roles for women on film kept dwindling while the interesting roles for women on television kept getting stronger. The series has gotten good reviews which upgrade to glowing when talk of Lili’s portrayal of psychiatrist Dr. Ann Bellowes begins. Despite my Lifetime Movie of the Week prejudices, I’m going to try to catch the show when it premieres Sunday. (The impatient can catch it now. The premiere is streaming on I think I owe Lili at least that much. After all, she gave the world 63 of the best breakup song pretty much ever. Sure, Joe lies when he cries. But Lili beguiles when she smiles. Happy weekend, all.