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Thursday, May 08, 2014

Gender Fuck Thursday

Seeing how Tuesday and Wednesday’s ladies were all doing it, I thought it only seemed fair that Thursday made it official. Also, Ladies in suit jackets are hot, duh. Especially when paired with a nice tie. Since we haven’t had a Gender Fuck Thursday in a while, we were also due.

Angelina Jolie

God, I cannot wait for “Maleficent.”

Christina Hendricks

I feel like I haven’t seen her and the ladies in forever.

Lena Headey

Even though much of it is quite troubling, I’m thrilled for Lena that Cersei is getting more screen time this season.

Michelle Krusiec

After “Imagine Me & You,” “Saving Face” is my go-to happy-place lezzie rom-com.

Anjelica Huston

Man, that lady gives good face.

Ellen Page

Man, it really is lovely watching a smart, talented young woman articulate exactly how coming out has improved her life.

BONUS: Some casual Ellen Page Gender Fuck, courtesy her The Hollywood Reporter cover story.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tank Top Tuesday

Holy God. No, seriously, holy God. I know this picture is 20-plus years old, but still…damn. In fact, Angelica Huston and her white tank top have inspired (well, that’s the polite word for it) me to create yet another semi-regular feature, Tank Top Tuesday. Yes, I know we already have Tina Fey Tuesday, but on the weeks when the Fey Fabulous is resting, I just might have to take solace in the simple splendor of the white-ribbed tank top. After all, it is the No. 2 lesbian fashion accessory for a reason.And, last but not least, an oldie but a goodie.UPDATE: Patience, patience, little kittens. I can’t blow all the tank toppy goodness in the first post, now can I? All your favorites are coming. And, oh yes, there will be Lena. Also, different tank top colors. Hell to the yeah.